A little over a week before the lock-down 1.0 began was when I took up a full-time corporate job and S was all set to begin his daycare journey. We proposed this, and the virus disposed it!

The initial 3 months went in a breeze. My husband and I would…

Coimbatore a city in Tamilnadu, popularly known as Manchester of South India is known for its booming industrial and textile business. Ever since, early 2000’s Coimbatore has seen an exponential growth. Much of its growth is credited towards the globalisation policies of government. …

Coimbatore a city called Manchester of South India is known for being Manufacturing, Healthcare and Educational hub of Tamilnadu. The city houses around 25,000 Small, Medium and Large scale textile and engineering industries.

Popularly known as the “Pump City”, Coimbatore manufacturers almost 50% of pump requirements of India. Pumps manufactured in Coimbatore are used for both industrial and household needs. Coimbatore pump manufacturing units manufacture pumps like Monoblock, Open-Well, Deep Well, Jet and Submersible pumps for household needs.

Industrial pumps like Progressive Cavity Pumps, Lobe pumps and Gear Pumps are also manufactured in Coimbatore. Pumps Manufactured in Coimbatore are used in various industries like Petro Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas Industries.

Nanditha Das

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